About the Artist

Thank you for choosing Twin Rivers Bird Taxidermy.  My name is Loran Navarro and I am the owner, operator, and your taxidermist.  To my knowledge I am the only female professional bird taxidermist in Colorado. 

I have spent the last 11 years honing my craft and art to provide you with a mount you will treasure and pass down over the years with your family and friends. I love working with nature and my focus is birds.  I love conversations about your experiences with the mount we are creating for you.

I began my journey into taxidermy at the age of 11 and started on waterfowl nearly 3 years ago. I've been doing taxidermy for 9 years as of 2014.

My goal is your goal.  We provide quality workmanship.  Only mounts of high quality leave our doors. 

I look forward to being of service to you for years to come.