Frequently asked questions:

  • My bird has a broken wing, is it mountable?
  • Answer: Most likely but there are limits. If the wing is broken close to the body, it is mountable. If it is broken out towards the wrist, it is likely not able to be saved.

  • My bird has a broken leg. Fixable?
  • Answer: Yes. If it is broken above the point where the feathers stop towards the foot, its it's not an issue. If it is broken on the webs or toes, it is hard to fix completely. Poses can be modified to hide shot on the feet.

  • My bird has broken feathers, can it be fixed?
  • Answer: No. If your bird is brought in with shredded up wings or a half missing tail, it's not worth it.

  • Can I mount a bird that my dog retrieved?
  • Answer: Typically the answer is no. The saliva breaks down the feathers and can ultimately destroy your bird. Try to keep dogs off of birds. If the dog has roughed up your bird it cannot be mounted with any level of quality. Dogs also can be "hard mouthed" and rip up birds.

  • My birds were handled by the neck and or on a strap. Mountable?
  • Answer: No. Take care of your birds properly because mishandling and straps compromise the bird.

  • Can I get a bird mounted with severe bald patches or damage?
  • Answer: Most likely not. Best to wait on a better bird. Puddle ducks are especially vulnerable.

  • Can I get a mount repaired?
  • Answer:No. We don't do repairs.

  • Can I store birds in vacuum sealer, leotards or newspapers?
  • Answer. Big NO. I will not take birds stored in such a way. Store them in proper fitting ziplocs, bread bags or large plastic bags. Improper storage destroys the plumage.

If your bird means something and you want it mounted, it needs to be handled and stored properly. The better the birds condition, the better it will turn out.

Is my bird in good plumage?

  • Answer: That depends on when it was harvested.

Here are some examples of what to look for in a bird to tell if it is a good specimen for the wall.

Early season birds are most often not worth mounting because they are full of pinfeathers and they fall out easily.

Wood ducks- dont mount these if taken before Thanksgiving.

A drake should have a crest that is very long and almost reaches to the back. The sidepockets should be fully grown and the wings should be completely grown in. Early season birds will not have the 2 dark white edged wing feathers that grow near the body of the bird.

Teal- Mount these in December and January. They plume out late and should have the double black line on the shoulders and a long pointed crest.

Teal are often mounted wway too early in the season.This accounts for all 3 species.

We strive for a high level of quality. We have seen others mount these to early in the season and the results are not up to our standard.