If you are shipping birds to the studio, you by law need to fill out a tag below for each bird and print it. It needs to be with the bird at all times and with it when shipped.

The tag has the absence of the hunting license number but it needs to be included on the back.

Ducks - $320

Seaducks and mergansers $350

Geese - $500

Large geese $600 (Greater Canadas)

Sandhill Cranes $650 Flying or dead mounts only

Pheasants - $280

Crows, Chuckar-$250

Parrots (small) - $250

Parrots (medium) -$400

Parrots (large) -$550

Swan shoulder pedestal $350

Ornamental domestic pheasants- $250 to $500 depending on size.

Peafowl $750 Non displaying

Ruffed grouse and ptarmigan- $250

We do not do any other species of grouse.

I am no longer taking full body swans unless they are dead mounts or laying on their belly. This is due to a tendon injury in my arms and working with heavy wires can cause me severe pain and swelling in my wrists.

*We charge $10 for using any of the wood available at the studio. Custom bases, driftwood and ordered bases from the studio are an extra charge and is due with the initial payment when sending the bird in for taxidermy.

*If you provide a base there is no charge unless habitat is added.

Payments are half up front with base and half due when the bird is picked up.

***We do ship****

Shipping has strict tagging requirements as displayed above. Always ship birds frozen overnight with fedex or USPS.

Any elaborate mounts may need separate shipments and detachable wings depending on bird size and pose.

Payment- we use cash, check, venmo and Paypal.

Checks need 3 weeks to clear before work starts on the birds.